Discover the Shanon Institute difference, we will outshine our competitors!


ComparisonShanon InstituteNational Tutoring Center
PricingLessons start at €57/hr for 1-on-1 academic* or
pay-as-you-go rate is €62/hour
Up to €70-90/hr for 1-on-1
Teaching methodsWe tailor our teaching style to benefit our studentsThey have a prescribed method that is used for every student
ConvenienceWe come to you!
We also offer online lessons!
Another place you have to drop-off and pick-up your children.
ContractsWe don't use tutoring contracts to lock you into long-term tutoring commitments Yes, long-term contracts that force you to exclusively use their services
LessonsOur lessoms have completed background checks and extensive training. They have completed at least 2 years of college coursework, and years of teaching or tutoring experience!Often new students in college with little or no experience.