Why To Choose Shannon?

Can you really learn online?

My Mission

To DEVELOP and DELIVER top quality math lesson, both at home and online. To HELP MY STUDENTS achieve his/her true academic potential.

My Vision

To offer my older students and the parents of my younger students with a FUN and EFFECTIVE educational system.

My Values

To stimulate the minds of my students and to ensure success.

Dwelling on Your Underwhelming Math Test Result? – Hold Fast, Help is on the Way!


My name is Shannon Johansson, a math instructor from Illinois. Much to my amazement, everyone seems to have formed an opinion for the poor folks belonging to the teaching fraternity. Hear me out, forget that number crunching gibberish-spewing depiction of mathematicians that Hollywood and the rest of the filmmaking industry have benevolently ingrained in our minds. Before you, stands an adroit mathematician of rarefied teaching attributes. Even the cinematographic portrayal of mathematics is not always far off, more often than not, students will find their expectations at variance with the harsh reality.

Everyone thinks of it this way – rather banausic and greyish chores that need to be done before the night show starts. Let alone, the heroism required to sit down on your bottoms Friday night and do your homework. A feat of such caliber no doubt has the force to engrave one’s name on the annals of geekery. Parents ought to instill in their children the virtues of assiduousness and self-discipline but not to the point where they become socially inept. This is where striking a balance between the pedagogical approach and the lucid spoken language of a certified instructor can bring down the barrier to a young, diverted mind.

My Math Story


In the capacity of a reverenced Math instructor with many years of experience, I can firmly say that kids, especially teenagers, are not susceptible to underhand techniques like the “good cop bad cop” shenanigans. The only shortcut to getting a young person’s attention is through taking a candid course of action, but one also needs the right background expertise to draw on. Even practiced Math instructors lack the rare combination of professionalism and integrity I can bring to the table. Through my long and healthy career, the most weight has always been bestowed upon my bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Of course, many people have neither the time nor the money to specialize in the field.

The gravity of the situation stems from the limited finance parents can allot to private math teachers. Not every family can even afford such largesse. This inspired me to become a part of the solution. I ended up spending 5 years teaching mathematics in a public elementary school in Illinois. Not to be depreciated is also my experience as a high school teacher at Columbia High School, again, in the state of Illinois.

In all honesty, the hazardous vibe runs through my veins, to the extent, that I’m naturally drawn to the elusive remedy roulette and other spinning wheels of luck provide. One thing led to another and here I am now – an expert in gambling mathematics. How many good cards you have left, or what is the number of winning combinations in a casino game, I eat, sleep and breathe casino statistics. It goes without saying, as the industry aims at reaching new heights, I too raise my game as I’m placing high demands on my performance.


Many casinos are branching out into other business fields where my proficiency is again highly valued. Part of my job characteristic is to fill in the uniform of a financial analyst and risk manager. Wearing two hats, you might say, could be a bit problematic for someone as ambitious as me

The truth of the matter is, however, that the work helps me add polish to the skill set I’ve already got. I tutor kids and bring out math coursebooks regularly, which is another arrow in the quiver for my unique teaching method. My books comply precisely with the requirements of the Illinois state board of education. I cover the rudiments of mathematics: algebra, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, and probability theory. The content is laid out in a lenient manner, with step-by-step explanations and examples starting from ground zero. At the end of each lesson, you will find questionnaires to help you gauge your progress.

A strong relationship with your teacher is key to achieving academic success

I take incredible pleasure in teaching millennials and juniors, getting across to them by bridging the gap in between with mutual trust and respect. None of my courses so far had fizzled out. I use special techniques to alleviate the seemingly daunting mental strain that students fear so much. You’d be correct to say that my methods bear every sign of what a mother of two would do. I’m well-versed in the art of creating a safe space for kids that need special attention, which is the first and foremost prerequisite to nurturing a true love for mathematics.

Shannon is very committed teacher. She detects problems of her students very quickly and helps them in overcoming them step-by-step.

- Marica Preedy Parent

Shannon Institute has made it easy for me to study at home and it really helps me in the class at school. Thank you very much.”

- Katherine Student

Shannon is able to cover a lot of material at each class. She helps her students feel comfortable and confident with math.

- Kevin Algebra