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The Claude Shannon Institute announces that it will host the
11th Workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography 2007

This workshop will take place at University College Dublin, September 5-7, 2007

The conference will begin at 9:00 am on Wednesday, 5 September 2007 and
will end at 1:00 pm on the Friday, 7 September 2007.

Please note that Joseph H. Silverman (Brown University) will deliver a
public lecture entitled "The Ubiquity of Elliptic Curves"
at 7.30 pm on
Tuesday 4th September 2007

There will be a 2 day tutorial on Elliptic Curve Cryptography on
September 3-4 for students, organised by Tanja Lange.
The 2 Day Tutorial will be held in the Health Sciences Centre.
On Monday the tutorial will be held in A005 and
on Tuesday the tutorial will move to the adjacent room A006.
More information on the tutorial can be found here.
Registration is free to students and postdocs.
For non-students/postdocs to attend the tutorial, payment is required.
All registrants must complete the registration form.
Download the registration form in PDF format OR word format.
Non-students who wish to attend the tutorial, press the below button for payment.

Organising Committee:

Steven Galbraith (Royal Holloway)
Tanja Lange (Tech Univ. Eindhoven)
Gary McGuire (Univ. College Dublin)
Alfred Menezes (Univ. of Waterloo)
Christof Paar (Ruhr Univ. of Bochum)
Michael Scott (Dublin City Univ.)
Scott Vanstone (Univ. of Waterloo)

Confirmed Speakers:

Dan Bernstein (Univ. Illinois)
Jinhui Chao (Chuo Univ.)
Pierrick Gaudry (LORIA)
David Kohel (Univ. of Sydney)
Laura Hitt (Univ. of Texas)
Tanja Lange (Tech Univ. Eindhoven)
Liam Marnane (Univ. College Cork)
David Naccache (ENS)
Axel Poschmann (Ruhr Univ. Bochum)
Berry Schoenmakers (Tech Univ. Eindhoven)
Joseph H. Silverman (Brown Univ.)
Ben Smith (Royal Holloway)
Katherine Stange (Brown Univ.)
Pim Tuyls (Philips)
Fre Vercauteren (K. Univ. Leuven)
Scott Vanstone (Univ Waterloo)
Richard Walton (Walton-Mackenzie and Royal Holloway)

*A vegetarian option will be available.
** We have hired coaches to transport delegates to Trinity College.
(Departure time: 6:30 PM from University College Dublin).

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